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    If you fear costly replacements then respray your kitchen for the fraction of cost! We specialize in respraying the kitchen in a complete range of colors including personalized choices.
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    Respray for Kitchen Cabinets

    Wonder Kitchen Respray provides complete refurbishment which includes kitchen door and cabinet respray. Change the look of your cabinet without the inconvenience of getting them replaced.

We have been doing Kitchen Respray in Dublin, Ireland since 2010
and have Resprayed Kitchen Cabinets and Resprayed Kitchen Doors in more than 500+
Apartments & Homes!!

You can also get the knobs and the handles replaced. Get in touch with us to discuss your Kitchen Respray requirements and get a quotation. Grant your kitchen a completely new look with cost-effective respray services. Replacement is cool but costs you more than a respray. Why waste your hard-earned money when you can get the exact look with a respray? We utilize only durable paints that are washable and are available in a variety of colors to paint kitchen doors, kitchen cabinets, and Kitchen Drawers and ensure the shine.

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WinderKitchenRespray - Customer Reviews

“ They did an absolutely fantastic job. I used the same transformation that we spoke about in our cost estimation meeting. The final design exceeded my standards, thanks to Wonder Kitchen's meticulous attention to detail.”
Karl Bohen

"Would highly recommend Wonder kitchen respray Dublin to my friends who are looking to get their kitchens resprayed."
Rose Gannon

“ They've always been there for us when we've had a concern or wanted something better. They're, undoubtedly, the best. Thank you, Wonder kitchen respray Dublin, for enhancing the beauty of our house.”
Hannah Cooke

“ It was quite easy to give the service a five-star rating. From initial contact with Wonder kitchen Respray Dublin, to the refinishing of the kitchen, the whole process was very quick and professional. The standard of work carried throughout the kitchen is excellent, as is the attention to detail. I would not hesitate in recommending Wonder Kitchen Respray Dublin. Thanks!”
Jonathan McDonnel

“ Professional from start to finish. No mess, always on time, easy to contact, and an all-around good gent. Would definitely recommend.”
Elaine Glancy


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Kitchen Respray - Dublin, Ireland

You will love the incredible transformation with great workmanship. Finding the whole procedure too good to be true? Well, you can have a look at our portfolio as the pictures don't lie. Upgrade your kitchen without tearing down. Sometimes your kitchen cabinets are just fine, they just need a little revamp. Improve the kitchen air by splashing your kitchen in the color you desire.

Super Smooth & Strong Kitchen Respray Services

We guarantee a super smooth and strong finish with professional kitchen Respray. We use only the best products and the state of the art equipment that dries instantly. You can mail us a picture and we will give you a complete estimate quotation. We are experts in respraying any material. Contact us for the best Kitchen Respray Services.

Sand it! Prep it! Respray it! Kitchen Respray

Sometimes you can enhance the overall look to new with just by getting the chips resprayed. If you are finding the paint of your kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers chapped off and you are thinking to get it replaced then halt and go for respray instead. We always do a quality smooth spray finish, unlike a brushed finish.

Kitchen Respray: Door, Cabinets and Drawers

The flaking doors, cabinets, drawers indeed look worn out and affect the overall appeal of the kitchen. You can navigate through our latest projects for making your choice of the best Kitchen Respray services. Beautifully painted kitchen cabinets can provide your kitchen with a great facelift and add to its value.

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Respray Services

The team shares extensive knowledge for carrying out the job in the most professional manner.

We know you must be sharing some questions regarding the complete procedure. Worry not, the assigned professional will help in clearing all your doubts and will walk you through the complete Kitchen Respray procedure. Our customer care services are always on the hand to assist you with the best customer care assistance you may require. For more details Click Here!

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After the completion of the project, we left it all cleared up and rid your kitchen of any residual rust. Get your kitchen resprayed by availing the Kitchen Respray services. Contact us.

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Why Kitchen respray Dublin?

Kitchen respray Dublin is the only best solution to the entirety of your kitchen resurfacing needs. We have been occupied with respraying kitchens in Dublin, Ireland for a long time now. By giving the greatest completions, workmanship, and consultation service. Contact our experts for extra details, our 100% Irish-possessed organization gives a wide assortment of custom services that are sure to give your old kitchen a new look that you have consistently dreamed about.

We are so guaranteed of our professional service most significant level of capability in Kitchen Respraying that we even assurance our services for a long time.

I need my kitchen resprayed before the upcoming gathering. Do you provide finance for the services?

We can totally understand your concern. With us, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Wonder kitchen respray, Dublin, Ireland offer finance* through Flexi-Fi. In fact, we were the first in the business to do so. For further assistance on your concern, feel free to contact us.

Will it improve the kitchen’s brightness?

Our respraying gives a slick and glossy look that reflects light when it stricks the surface. So if your kitchen has any light source our respraying would definitely enhance the brightness of your kitchen.

When should I go for respraying and when for replacement?

Our advice would be to give a proper look at the door before making any decision. Check whether that your door is sturdy enough to survive at least 2 to 4 seasons. Do the inspection for any termite infestation. Make sure the hinges are working fine. If you need any knob or handle replacement, mention that too in your assessment report. All this will surely help in making a sound and educated decision. Reach us and our kitchen respray experts in Dublin, Ireland will assist you further. Cost assessment is free of cost.

What is kitchen Respray?

Kitchen Respray is the application of the modernized version of Edward Seymour’s gift to humankind. Edward Seymour is credited for the invention of Aerosol Paint. It was his wife’s idea to use an Aerosol-filled can with paint. Seymour did the work on her idea and found his eureka moment when he succeeded in devising a novelty spray gun to demonstrate an aluminum paint he had created for painting steam radiators. This incident happened in 1949. Successors of his invention which evolved during this period of 72 years have totally changed the painting business.

How much is charged for kitchen respray by wonder kitchen respray Dublin?

Don’t get fooled by general prices available here and there all over the internet. Call us at 016874101 and schedule an appointment for a time when you are available and get an exact estimate of your kitchen respray by the professionals of Wonder kitchen Respray Dublin. A quick FYI, Cost assessment consultations are done for free, and please be certain that these meet don’t oblige you to hire us for the project.

How wonder kitchen respray Dublin respray kitchen cupboards?

Wonder kitchen respray Dublin technicians follow the same protocol to respray your kitchen as other kitchen resprayers in Dublin. But, when the expertise of the hands of Wonder kitchen respray Dublin mixes with the quality and the kind of materials we use, a show-stealing effect is produced on your furniture. We take great care to ensure that the finish is flawless, with no drips or blemishes. To achieve a smooth, new-looking finish, we usually add 4-5 coats of enamel paint.

Can you respray gloss kitchen doors?

Wonder kitchen respray Dublin has been respraying the doors, drawers, and cabinets for a decade now. So, there isn’t a respraying situation we haven’t dealt with in these years. Rest assured, We can respray your kitchen doors no matter their type. Call us at 016874101 to book an in-person meeting.

Can you Respray kitchen doors?

The choice is yours. Wonder kitchen respray Dublin is a seasoned resprayer and keeps the caliber to fully refurbish your kitchen by professionally respray the existing kitchen doors, drawer fronts, plinths, end panels, cornices, light pelmets, and all associated kitchen parts.

Is it dangerous to spray paint indoors?

Only if it isn't done correctly. Modern paints are significantly safer in comparison to the toxic chemical-filled paints of the past. Wonder kitchen respray Dublin always uses eco-friendly spray paint and primer having VOC levels much lesser than 500ppb to avoid any risk of any kind of danger to its clients.